ET521 Introduction to OnLine & Blended Learning

As I have progressed through the MET, I have posted many of my artifacts on this Blog; however, I was lackadaisical about this in ET521, Perhaps, it was because we created a website specifically for that course, OR perhaps it was because one of the final assignments was a reflection on each project. Those reflections were done directly to my Elearning ToolBox for ET521. I took the class during the summer of 2016.

I really enjoyed this class, as it made me rethink my traditional classrooms & incorporate some blended learning. I learned about Padlet (I have used it in my classroom),  podcasts, a variety of web 2.0 tools to try, and I created a Digital Learning Experience that I used at the beginning of the year  during the 2016-2017 year.

As part of ET521, I created another Weebly site called Cooney Science that houses some of the lessons I have created as part of the BSU MET program. This page is very much a work under construction.

Last, in 521, I finally “figured out” why everyone loves Pinterest. I created a board for ET521 on Social Media in the classroom

I liked using Pinterest so much that I created these other boards relating to education…

Formative Assessments

Mindfulness in the classroom

This class helped to transform my classroom. One thing that I have discovered is that my classroom is constantly evolving as I figure out what lessons work, which lessons need tweaking, and which lessons need a complete overhaul. ET521 has helped me in the process of updating my ever-evolving curriculum.

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