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ET 542 Topic 6(week 7/8)

Learning Log Reflection

This week we have a choice for our reflection…Choose one or both options below:

Option 1: Designing Integrated Curriculum At some point you may consider including other disciplines in your project (if you haven’t already). Watch the video below on Designing Integrated Curriculum and reflect on the benefits of interdisciplinary projects and the challenges in implementing them. How might you go about making this a reality in your school?

Option 2: Scaffolding in PBL Read this article by Jamie McKenzie: Scaffolding in PBL to learn about online resources and scaffolding for Project Based Learning. Some of the links may be outdated, but the article is still worth the read. Reflect on theimportance of scaffolding in Project Based Learning and discuss how you will address this issue in your project.

I chose the former.

As a physics teacher, there is a natural overlap with mathematics. In fact just last week a math teacher at our school came to me to ask where I was in the curriculum & how we could  work together.

I love the idea of sharing a project between departments. It is a great way for students to realize how the learning one class applies to another. Some hurdles include: different schedules… My physics students are all in different math classes with different teachers. Some are in Algebra 2, others in Pre-Calc, still others are in Advanced Algebra. The next hurdle is our schedule. We are on trimesters, and some of my students do not even have math right now! We are changing our school schedule in the future which will make it easier to collaborate with other departments. Another big hurdle is common planning time so both teachers can plan an appropriate project. I think if done correctly, it would actually reduce the amount of time I spend as the concepts will be reinforced in other classes. I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with my colleagues to implement project based learning.