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ET505 Final Project

Here is my Final Evaluation project for ET505. Overall, I enjoyed the process, and completing this project has helped me understand the importance of evalauation, and I hope this will make me become a more reflective teacher.

ET505_Eval_Report_Cooney.docx (1)

ET505 Week 12

This week our assignment was to critique an evaluation report. I chose to critique the report that I felt the most connected to, “The Maine Experience: the use of a one to one laptop program in Maine middle schools”.

Here is my Emaze presentation.

ET505 Week 11

This week, we reviewed all the readings: The ABC’s of Evaluation (chapters 1-9) plus all the internet readings. Here is my review/recap of the information in a Prezi presentation.

ET505 week 10

This week’s assignment was to read chapter 8 from ABC’s of Evaluation. I answered question on p 184 two part exercise “How do I determine if my project is research or evaluation?”  We also explored the “sampling” process. I reviewed a couple of videos, and included my response in the weekly assignment. I submitted an alternative assignment and created an Emaze presentation to explore the question.

ET505 week 9

This week I chose to do an alternate submission, and created a Prezi. The assignment was to read chapter 6 from the ABC’s of Evaluation, and complete the questions on p 141, as well as continue working on our evaluation project. Here is the link to my Prezi.

ET 505 week 8

This week we submitted our RFP or Response for Proposal. The assignment was challenging, but having examples to look at helped the process. It also helped me to understand the evaluation process and planning cycle.ET505 week8_ Response to Request for Proposal

ET505 Week 7

This week we compared two reading assignments.  For my comparison, I created a  Venn diagram_ comparing ABC’s of Evaluation ch 5 with the User Friendly Handbook for Mixed Evaluations ch 26, as well as a concept map using SpiderScribe.

Additionally, I created an ET505_week7_assignment to help clarify the final project. The EDP, while not required helped me to organize my thoughts and help guide me as to the next steps on the project.