About Me

This is my learning log for the Master of Educational Technology at Boise State.  I currently teach Physics, Earth Science & Physical Science at Mansfield High School in Mansfield, Massachusetts.  I am pursuing the M.E.T. at Boise State for a couple of reasons.  First, I want to improve my teaching by using technology to help my students engage in their learning.  Also, I will learn during this process about the tools that are currently available, and what’s the next “big thing”. Second, in the state of Massachusetts, I am required to obtain a Master’s degree to keep my license current.  I decided to pursue this degree from Boise State because I wanted to gain some skills that I can take with me into my classroom today & in the future.


Photo from 2008 when my classroom still had a chalkboard!

Since I teach full-time and have a busy life outside of school with my husband & three children, I am pursuing my Master’s degree slowly, one class per semester.   Also, given my schedule, I wanted to pursue an on-line program, so the Boise State program fit into exactly what I was looking to find…a challenging on line Master’s program that will improve my teaching!

Ed Tech 501 is the first class in the Master of Educational Technology, at Boise State, and it is in this class, that I will begin to pull together my learning log.   The program promises to be challenging for this “non-techhy”, but I am  excited to learn new ways to use technology in the classroom.   Just setting up this blog was a learning curve for me!  This log, an interactive part of all of the classes, will chronicle my learning and growth.

To learn more about the MET program, click on the link