ET513 Week7 Project #3Haiku Deck

For this week, we read  chapters 6&7 from our class text, E-Learning and the Science of Instruction by Clark & Mayer. This week we learned about the Modality Principle  (present words as narration rather than on screen text) and Redundancy Principle (explain visuals with words or text-not both). I am glad learn about these principles that I have seen referenced in this class and  in others during my time in the MET program!

This week we used Haiku Deck to create short presentations. I started creating a haiku Deck on speed vs velocity, but I struggled with the amount of text. I took  a step back, and decided to try a different topic- vector addition of right angle vectors. This topic is a continuation of my Static Multimedia Project, so I thought it would make sense to continue. My biggest struggle was limiting the words. I kept wanting to put words on the page about the steps in the process, but then I realized that is what the image combined with the speaker notes are for. The image shows how to do the vector addition. The narration explains it, there is NO need for additional words! It really was like a light bulb going on! I am looking forward to reworking my presentations this summer to reflect my new learning…less words, AND better narration! Of course, I plan to wait until summer after I have learned about all the Principles!

This presentation assumes that learners know what a vector is, have been introduced to the tip to tail method of adding vectors, and have math skills that include using Pythagorean Theorem and SOHCAHTOA (and the inverse trigonometric  functions). After viewing the presentation, students should be able to follow the steps in solving a right angle vector addition problem.

Here is the link to HaikuDeck on Right Angle Vector Addition.

Here is the link to the PDF with the speaker notes.



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