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Ed Tech 502 Module 2: 502 Plain Page

With trepidation I began my coding journey.  This is all completely new to me, and took a long time to complete.  It will get easier with practice. Here is the link to my 502 plain page.

A few thoughts on the process…

Seeing the code on the example was incredibly helpful to me, as well as the first 3 videos.  I watched all the videos before starting, but the first 3 videos were definitely the most helpful to me.  I re-watched them several times, and would pause them, so I could go to Dreamweaver to try to replicate the process.

Also, there were a few snags, such as inserting email address.  I did not have the “mailto” in my first attempts.  It did not give  me an error code, but the link wouldn’t work w/o the “mailto”.  The other snag was the validation link on the badge, it kept giving me errors in my code.  To link the validation badge image to the W3C markup validation page, I needed to “cut off” the web address at the .html.  This is the original address from the validator site

but it only worked in my code when I input as

This is all very new to me, and took a good amount of time!  I can see how it will (hopefully) get easier w/ practice!  One thing is for sure, I need a lot of practice!

I chose the following AECT standards

1.1.3.b Demonstrate personal skill development with at least one: computer authoring application, video tool, or electronic communication application.

2.3.2 Design, produce, and use digital information with computer-based technologies.

2.4.5 Develop effective Web pages with appropriate links using various technological tools.