Daily Archives: April 15, 2017

ET 513 Project #7 Static Google Slide Presentation on ch11

This week we read from chapters 10 & 11 from E learning and the Science of Instruction by Clark & Mayer. Chapter ten discusses the segmenting & pretraining principles which state that is better to “chunk” information. To me, this goes hand in hand with the Coherence Principle or “less is more” idea. Pretraining suggest that students should learn vocabulary, names,  ideas, etc. before learning how to apply the information.

I enjoyed creating the Google Slide Presentation, and trying to apply all the Multimedia Principles that we have learned about. For me, the hard part is always finding good images to include & limiting the amount of text on the screen. Below is my Google Slide Presentation on ch 11.

Here is also a view only link to my presentation.