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ET 513 Project #6 Digital Story

Over the past couple of weeks, we read about the Personalization Principle, which states that Multi Media Presentations should use conversational style language and virtual coaches to help students feel connected to the learning.

We also learned about Digital Stories. According to Wikipedia,  digital storytelling is an emerging term, a form of storytelling that uses digital tools to enable “ordinary people” to tell their stories in an “emotionally and compelling form.”  According to University of Houston, “Digital storytelling at its most basic core is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. There are a wealth of other terms used to describe this practice…; but in general, they all revolve around the idea of combining the art of telling stories with a variety of multimedia, including graphics, audio, video, and Web publishing.”

For my Digital Story this week, I decided to step away from Physics, and create a digital story about the Gals for Cal Triathlon team, a team which means the world to me. I next needed to decide what tool to use. I think that finding the right tool is always one of the hardest parts of my Ed Tech projects. There are so many from which to choose, and I always want to try tools that I think are simple to use, and are tools that my students could potentially use. We have Chromebooks at our school, so I tried to use tools that were Chromebook friendly.

I chose Emaze for the presentation. I tried to adhere to the Personalization principle by using a conversational style. No need for a virtual coach in the story (although I could use a triathlon virtual coach!) I think it is an easy to use tool, and it allows for audio uploads. I downloaded music through Sound Cloud for the music. For the spoken narration, I tried several options such as the Chrome Extension Simple Audio Recorder, my iphone, and more, but the files were in the wrong format. I finally settled on Vocaroo because it is so easy to create and download the audio files with Vocaroo. The quality is not as good as some others, but the ease of use far outweighs the negatives!

Creating the slide show and audio was a fun process. I kept running into problems with timing and some of the audio was not playing correctly. I eventually worked it out, and below is the link to the Gals for Cal, The Reason I Tri. I could not get the embed code to work in WordPress, below are links.

Here is the autoplay link to my Emaze.  (or with link manual start and ability to page forward)

Here is a link to the transcript.

Click on the image to go to the Emaze Presentation

Tri like a gal


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