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Topic 8 Weeks 11/12 Post Project Reflection

Reflective Journal

The culminating event is over, the project presentations have been presented, groups and peers have been evaluated, reflection journals are in. Is the PBL experience really over? Absolutely not. One of the most powerful forms of assessment and project evaluation is the post project reflection. Use the resources from this week to assist you as you think about how you intend to debrief your PBL experience. Some questions to consider:

  • Who will you involve in the process?
  • What will your proces look like?
  • Is it just a one time assessment?

In terms of Post PBL reflection, I plan to…

Involve my students & myself in the process. Students will reflect using the the following questions:

Final Reflection on  Life in the Fast Lane Project


About You

  1. What is the most important thing you learned during this project?
  2. What would you do differently if you were to do this project again?
  3. What part of the project did you do your best work on? Why do you think that?

About the Project

  1. What did you like the best this project & why?
  2. What did you like the least about this project & why?
  3. What can/should your teacher do differently to improve upon this project?

I will reflect using the same questions, but with “my teacher hat”. Additionally, I will ask for feedback from our public audience after viewing the presentations in terms of quality of presentations, and how the project could be improved for the future.

I anticipate that after implementing the project for the first time, there will be changes to future installments. Additionally, this reflection must continue even after doing this project several times. Reflection will help both my students and me to improve and learn for the future.