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Topic 9 Week 13/14 Peer Assessment

This week’s reflective assignment…

Reflective Journal

After reading the resources and exploring the topic of peer review and assessment on your own, think about how you might employ this empowering technique in your own class. Discuss at least two techniques that might be useful to try. Provide information about the context in which the techniques might be used. You may want to check out some of the available Peer/Self Assessment Tools for inspiration.

Peer Review! I need to employ this tool more!

Just yesterday I posed a question to one of my colleagues. The questions was along the lines of…”We worked all last week on star lifecycles, reviewing data, creating graphs, talking in small groups, and as a whole class. I collected the culminating assignment (Hertzprung Russel Graph activity and questions). We tested after the assignment. I graded the graph assignment after the tests, and found some big misconceptions still. Now that it is after the test, my comments don’t have much meaning for students. What can I do differently?” As I asked the question, I realized the answer before I even finished speaking is peer review. My colleague’s answer…Peer Review. Give the assignments to each other to review for correctness and understanding, have them ask each other questions. Only once they have reviewed each others’ work and made corrections should the assignment be passed in.

I find that busy teachers often skip this step in order to save time, but honestly, it is one of the best ways for students to deepen their understanding. They check to make sure the assignment rubric is followed, and also ask questions of their peers. They can also get ideas for ways to improve their own projects. I know that I need to include more peer review in class not only on the big assignments, but also on the smaller formative assessments. For example, turn to your partner and explain….or turn to your partner and tell them about something you learned today in class.

Next week in one of my classes, we are creating poster (either digital or hand). I will definitely spend class time doing peer review w/ opportunity for students to make corrections before submitting the final project.