Daily Archives: February 28, 2016

ET 542 Topic 5 Plan the assessment

This week, we are to reflect how  our “planned assessments meet the key requirements for effective assessments, and additionally reflect on how we could adjust our teaching during the project to allow more student input in the evaluation process.”

Assessment Keys are (as taken from our class Moodle page)

How do the rubrics fit the Keys to assessment?

The rubrics for the formative activities (labs) are clear in terms of expectations.

Students are creating videos to educate and inform peers on the science behind an activity.

The videos will be shared with class, athletic department, and school community.

The formative assessments will be used so students know which content skills they need to review and learn more deeply, the journal and meetings will be used to assess collaboration and guide students with their action plans.

Here is a link to my project page where you can view the formative and summative assessments.