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ET 542 Topic 4

This week’s Learning Log/Reflective Journal
Reflect on what you have learned this week, as you have settled on an idea for your project. Comment on the tools you are using or the resources you have reviewed
Respond to the question: Is it still PBL without an authentic audience?
I chose the former.
This week has been very challenging (create the Driving Question)!
Driving questions need to be open ended, drive inquiry, and have multiple sub questions. I finally settled on:
Driving Question
How can we create a video that uses the Physics of kinematics to explain and improve the performance of MHS track athletes?

Sub Questions
What is kinematics?
How do I use kinematic vocabulary to describe motion?
What are the basic kinematic equations and how can they be used to explain a runner’s motion?
What types of data tables, diagrams, and graphs can we create to model a runner’s motion?
What kind of data do we need to create kinematic graphs?
How do we use graphs to solve kinematic problems?
What does the shape of the various kinematic graphs reveal about a runner’s motion?
What does slope of the various kinematic graphs tell us about the motion?
What does the area under the various kinematic graphs tell us about the motion?
What are the kinematic equations?
How do we use the kinematic equations to solve problems?
How can we use the information to explain a runner’s motion?
Can we use kinematics to suggest performance enhancements?
What information do we need to include in our video?
What format should our video take?

I think I am on the right track, but creating the DQ has raised more questions in my mind. I really would like to make the project The Science of MHS Hornets Video series where students choose the activity and create a video based on physics concepts to explain the topic. For my first PBL I think that is too broad a topic so I have narrowed it to the Physics of Kinematics.

Here is the link to my project page as it evolves.