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ET541 Week 7 Final Reflection

Part One: Course Reflection

With each course in the MET program, I learn so much more and add to my working knowledge of integrating technology into the classroom. I have learned about some new tools (such as MixBook and Move Note) as well as new ways and ideas to use some familiar tools (Flickr, Weebly). I have also learned the importance of planning for technology as an integral part of the lesson using relative advantage. I loved reading my peers’ posts each week, it really helped to give insight to the varied topics. One of my favorite things was looking at my peers’ websites. Everyone has such good ideas and links, and I am definitely going to go back and review to get some ideas for my classes!

I realized that there is room in the classroom for both directed instruction and constructivist instruction, and that students can employ both within the same unit. My view is that students all start with different background knowledge, and as students go through some of the directed instruction activities, they can’t help but apply it to prior knowledge which helps them make their own understanding. I can still see using both traditional assessments and alternative assessments in the classroom.

I have created several new lessons to use, but more than that, I have ideas and resources to use for the future. I understand the importance of planning and revising my lessons to determine the relative advantage of using technology. I will definitely plan differently going forward. As I think about the learning objectives, I will try to determine the best ways for students to demonstrate mastery of the objectives, and will apply the idea of relative advantage to determine the best tools to meet the objectives. One thing that I know for sure is that I need update my presentations to reduce the word count!

My favorite assignments from the semester were the lesson plans that I created, and that I plan to use this coming year. These include the Volcano presentation and student project, the Heat transfer unit,  Big Bang Lesson w/ video and Plate tectonics.

The current AECT Standards can be found below.  AECT_Standards_adopted7_16_2_2012.

The AECT Standards that were mastered as a result of the activities for this course are as follows:

AECT Standard 1 Using and Assessing and evaluating. I was able to assess and use appropriate technology tools.

AECT Standard 2 Creating and using. I was able to create and use lessons for my classroom based on pedagogy.

AECT Standard 4 Reflection on Practive I was able to reflect on technologies and lessons and develop ways to improve them

AECT Standard 5 Theoretical Foundations and Assessing/Evaluating. I was able to apply the ideas of both directed instruction and constructivist instruction to my lessons.

Part Two: Self-Assessment

Content: I gave my self a score between proficient and outstanding because most of the time my posts were full of thought, insight and synthesis with clear connections to previous or current content and/or to real life situations made with depth and detail.  Score 65/70

Reading and Resource: I gave myself a score between proficient and outstanding because most of my posts included references from the course text and other resources. I tried to use correct APA formatting.  Score 15/20

Timeliness: I gave myself a score of outstanding as each week my blog was posted usually by Thursday (occasionally Friday) giving classmates time to read and respond.  Score 20/20.

Responses to Other Students: I gave myself a score of outstanding as each week I responded with thought to more than two of my classmates. In fact, this was one aspect that I really enjoyed as it helped to build a community of learners. Score  30/30.

Overall Score: 130/140