ET541 Week 4 VideoBlog on the Benefits of using Multimedia in the classroom

I created this video blog using MoveNote. It took longer than I thought, as the first time I did it, somehow the file did not save! Anyway, looking forward to your feedback.





6 responses to “ET541 Week 4 VideoBlog on the Benefits of using Multimedia in the classroom

  1. Caroline, great job on this! I really like the structure of your vlog. It maintains continuity with previous content in EDTECH541 by organizing it in terms of directed and inquiry-based learning strategies. I mentioned these in my video, but I wish I had structured mine this way–it is very effective for illustrating the advantages of using multimedia. Nice job incorporating references, as well. Way to go!

  2. Courtney LaRue

    Great video log Caroline. I really liked the set up of using MoveNote. You did a great job using multiple resources. I really liked your pie graph with the students input. How do you use multimedia specifically in your classroom?

  3. Thanks Courtney. The MoveNote had some issues, but I am trying to find ways to narrate presentations, and this seems like it might be a good tool.
    I use lots of mulitmedia, in particular tutorials from Annenberg and the Physics Classroom, drill and practice from the Physics Classroom, Interactive/simulations from Phet and the Physics Classroom. I also use powerpoint presentations, but I want to update them for next year to have fewer words. I am also looking to narrate them so students can watch/listen from home.
    Thanks for the feedback,

  4. Caroline, This is very nice. I liked all of the details you gave about the different types of multimedia. The Phet simulations are really good and support inquiry quite well.

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