ET 505 Week 6 Discussion

This week’s discussion topic.

Use this forum to talk about your Evaluation Report-course project. Start with a brief summary of your project. What are you planning to do? Give us an update. Have the recent weekly assignments and/or these discussions been helpful in honing your thoughts about your project? Or are you stumped as to what to do? Ask for feedback on your proposed project. Get ideas on possible topics and evaluation methodologies from Dr. T and your classmates. The more you participate in this forum, the more you (and your project) will benefit so don’t hold back. This is the perfect time to give and receive peer feedback in a collaborative manner.

(This forum is similar to part of this week’s assignment so you can post about your project here before you submit your assignment, if you prefer. Sort of a “two-fer.”)

(And don’t overlook the “Evaluation Proposal-Response to RFP”  project that’s due during week 8. If you have any questions about it, ask them there. We’ll have a discussion devoted to it next week.)

My initial post follows:


I have used online grading tools for several years with my students, and students have been able to access grades.  The online grading has evolved into a class website that I have used for about three years.  The website that I used last year included content.   Last year, my students told me that what they are looking for in a website is access to grades, weekly agenda, and assignments. They emphatically told me that they did not use the website to learn content because they were able to get that information from the class activities and other websites that we use.

Current Program

From that feedback, this school year I began using the school provided Aspen X2 by Follett to provide both grades and  a class website that includes weekly agenda (in class & homework), links needed for assignments, links to worksheets and class notes.


The goals that I developed are:

  1. increase student ownership for their work,
  2. increase their interaction with the course content,
  3. give students the ability to prepare for class,
  4. review the material from prior lessons,
  5. have access to information when absent from class.

The weekly assignments & my Evaluation Project

Each week I gain some new insight into where I am going with the evaluation.  Last week looking at the Program Cycle in the text (chapter 3) I found very helpful.  It made me realize that the program (website) was started based on a student survey (a very basic needs assessment) that asked students what they wanted in a class website.  From the results, the current website was created.  Doing last week assignment’ made me realize that  MY goals for website are what I would like my students to do, the needs assessment did not reflect the goals at all.  The needs assessment asked something completely different.  IN retrospect, I should have been trying to find out not only what information they want in a class website, but how could a class website increase their ownership, interaction w/ content, etc.

This week’s reading I found helpful as I try to discern the goals from the activities, and lastly measurement tools.  Another item from chapter four that I found very helpful was turning the goals into questions as a starting point for the evaluation.  For example, the goal is to increase student ownership for their work.  The Evaluation question is; Has the website increased the students’ ownership for their work.  Another example: goal give students access to information when absent from class.  The evaluation question would be: Do students who are absent from class access the information?

Curent Evaluation Plan

To survey students after developing a series of questions to evaluate the goals.  I plan to use a scale (1-5) for the questions.

I can also see how often students sign on to website, so I plan to collect that data as well.

I still need to develop the questions and administer the survey.


My biggest concern is that the goals are goals that I created w/o much planning, and the website I think is doing something different.  I assume that I should still evaluate the website against the original goals.  I am interested to see if any of the information provided is helping students achieve the goals or will it point me in other directions?  Will I find some other unintended outcomes?   (One I know for sure is that the website is helping to keep me more organized!)  Will it reveal that the website isn’t enough to achieve those goals, but rather it is a combination of website & course design?

I guess my question is do I keep forging ahead w/ the original plan?  I think so, but would love your input!

Last question is regarding the “Evaluation Proposal-Response to RFP”  I have just begun to look at this, and am worried that I am behind.  Will the next two weeks be enough time to complete this project?

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