ET 505 week 2 assignment

Week 2 Assignment

Read Chapter 2, post to discussion board, and complete exercise 1 on p. 22. Caroline Cooney ET505 Sp 2015_week2

1. Over the past several years, I have begun to utilize an on-line grading website in order to create a class website where students can access both grades and content. Over the past few years, I have tried Engrade (easy grading, but website is not easy to navigate and set up) and My Haiku (great website functionality, and fairly easy grading).  However, this year, I decided to try the program that our school supports, Aspen X2.  I tried it because there has been some pushback regarding using “outside” websites with our students.  All students (and parents) have an X2 sign on, and students must access the system to choose classes.  The functionality for both grading and websites are fine once a teacher gets it set up.  Neither the grading, nor the website  functionalities are intuitive for set up.  The website that I have for my students is simple.  It gives the weekly agenda (with links to webpages and documents) including classwork and homework.  Students may also see their individual assignment grades, as well as their current average.  Assignments may be set up so that electronic submission is available. The objectives of the website are to: increase student ownership for their work, increase their interaction with the course content, give students the ability to prepare for class, review the material from prior lessons, have access to information when absent from class.

2. The website should be evaluated to determine if the students are accessing the website, how and why they are accessing the website.  The evaluation should also help determine how to make the website better for students in terms of what kind of information would help to make them more successful in class.

3. I subscribe more to the first definition where evaluation is completed to determine    “whether and to what degree objectives have been or are being achieved”.  I think I tend toward this definition as in my teaching, my curriculum is very objectives based as in “the student will be able to…”  I think that for me, success depends on the success or failure of the objective.  If the objective is not being met, then the second definition comes into play where the evaluation is used to make a decision, such as continue with the program (or curriculum) or not.


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