Ed Tech 504 Final Synthesis Paper

What a project! The rubric and instructions for the paper can be found by clicking ET504 Syllabus for Summer 2014. A big thank you to my peer reviewer and Dr Friesen for their incredibly helpful comments in rearranging the paper and adjusting the wording.  Dr Friesen gave us an extra week to complete the paper, but because we were leaving for Mexico the day the class was scheduled to end, I needed to pass it in before the new deadline.  I worked all week re-writing and re-arranging the paper.  Feel free to offer any feedback.  Cooney Synthesis paper w corrections (1) is my final paper.

I chose the following standards:

1.1 Instructional Systems  Design, and in poarticular 1.1.c Identify learning theories from which each model is derived and the consequent implications.  The paper concentrates on how to use the flipped classroom model to implement a constructivist environment.

1.4 Learner Characteristics, in particular, 1.4.a Identify a broad range of observed and hypothetical learner characteristics for their particular area(s) of preparation.

2.3 Computer Based Technolgies, in particular 2.3.4* Incorporate the use of the Internet, online catalogs and electronic databases to meet the reference and learning needs of students and teachers.

2.4 Integrated Technologies, in particular 2.4.8* Prepare instructional materials, bibliographies, resource lists for instructional units, and other materials as appropriate to support students and teachers.



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