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Ed Tech 503 ID Job Description

The first assignment for EdTech 503 was to create a job description for an Instructional Designer.  Before taking the course, I told a peer that I was taking an Instructional Design Course.  The response back was, “oh you will learn to create comprehensive lesson plans”.  After reading the syllabus, and completing this first assignment, I understand the Instructional Design involves creating lessons plans, but goes far beyond the scope of a lesson plan for a classroom.

To start the project, I did a Google search for Instructional Designer.  I was amazed at how many positions came up!  I looked at some corporate openings, including one for Apple, another for Google, and yet another for local company, Talbots.  I then decided to look at openings in the field of education, and in particular, those in the Massachusetts/New England area.  There were plenty of higher education positions available, but not so for local school districts.  I decided to create a position for an Instructional Designer for a typical Massachusetts public school district, since I am interested in learning how this class will apply to my teaching.  Moreover, my goal for this entire program, is determining how to utilize technology, and the skills and learning from the MET program to a classroom, and how I can share that knowledge with my peers, and district.

First, we had to create a fictitious job description, second, we reflected on the similarities and differences to teaching, and last, we included the link to  three actual job openings.

Here is the link to the document.

Here is the embedded document.

I chose the following AECT standards

2.3 Computer Based Technologies: Computer-based technologies are ways to produce or deliver materials using microprocessor-based resources.  I chose this because Computer-based technologies were used  to produce and deliver materials.

3.1 Media Utilization Media utilization is the systematic use of resources for learning.  In this assignment, I used a variety of resources, including, but not limited to  researching job openings, and reviewing the expectations for learning.

3.4 Policies and Regulations: Policies and regulations are the rules and actions of society (or its surrogates) that affect the diffusion and use of Instructional Technology. I chose this because in this assignment, I learned about the rules and societal expectations for Instructional Designers.

3.4.1 Identify and apply standards for the use of instructional technology. In particular, this standard because it speaks directly about the standards for Instructional Designers.