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Ed Tech 502 Module 6: Copyright & Plagiarism Scavenger Hunt

The second project for this week was to create a scavenger hunt activity to teach a targeted audience about a topic relating to plagiarism, copyright infringement, etc.  I chose plagiarism & copyright in the high school classroom.  I had no problems developing a topic and questions.  I created a list of questions w/ the websites in Google Documents.  When I created my page in Dreamweaver, I copied the text from the doc.

A few snags (of course, this coding process really is a long process for me w/ lots of trial & error).  A couple of my anchored links would NOT work, but eventually worked through it.  Also, my copy and paste wasn’t working when I tried to copy the CSS validation badge.  The biggest problem was trying to get a You Tube video on the page or a good image.  I originally posted w/o either, but went back, and was able to add the image.  I hope I gave proper credit, especially since that was the point of the assignment!

The AECT standards this week…

1.1.2.b Create instructional plans (micro-level design) that address the needs of all learners, including appropriate accommodations for learners with special needs.

1.1.2.d Incorporate contemporary instructional technology processes in the development of interactive lessons that promote student learning.

1.1.3.b Demonstrate personal skill development with at least one: computer authoring application, video tool, or electronic communication application.

1.3.b  Identify at least one instructional model and demonstrate appropriate contextualized application within practice and field experiences.

1.4.b  Describe and/or document specific learner characteristics which influence the selection of instructional strategies.

2.3.2 Design, produce, and use digital information with computer-based technologies.

2.4.1 Use authoring tools to create effective hypermedia/multimedia instructional materials or products.

2.4.2 Develop and prepare instructional materials and products for various distance education delivery technologies.

2.4.4 Use telecommunications tools such as electronic mail and browsing tools for the World Wide Web to develop instructional and professional products.

2.4.5 Develop effective Web pages with appropriate links using various technological tools.

3.4.3 Identify and apply copyright and fair use guidelines within practice.

3.4.5 Identify policies and regulations which apply to the utilization, application, and integration of distance delivery technologies.