Ed Tech 501 School Technology Evaluation

This assignment was very interesting in that it helped to quantify some of my thoughts about the state of technology at our school.  The Survey asks questions  about a variety areas, and gives a grade of emergent, islands, integrated, or intelligent.  Before doing the survey, I thought that the result would be Islands.  The survey confirmed this for me.  Embedded below is my analysis, as well as the survey sheet.

I think that completing this survey will help me better articulate some of the needs that our school faces, and hopefully allow us to move along the technology spectrum.

I chose the following AECT standards:

4.2 Resource Management  because I needed to examine a variety of school resources including personnel, budget, curriculum and facilities.

5.1 Problem Analysis because I needed to collect, analyze, and interpret data on a school’s use of technology.

5.2 Criterion-Referenced Measurement because I used a specific  survey instrument to evaluate the school’s technology climate.

5.3 Formative and Summative Evaluation because I gathered information to help inform decision process on technology.

5.4 Long-Range Planning because this asignment required looking at the long term five year strategic plan.



2 responses to “Ed Tech 501 School Technology Evaluation

  1. Caroline,

    You really went in depth in your schools’ demographics, and you used some nice graphics to display it, I can also really see how similar our schools are in regards to their technology integration. Teachers get it, want to use it, but it just isn’t readily available. Great job!


    • Thanks,Dave. We had the information readily available, so I thought I would use it. Yes, that seems to be the case, a majority of teachers would appreciate access to technology, and the training on how to use it, but budgets (both people & $ are not readily available). My DH is looking into grants for technology, but I think the school should have a technology line item in the budget rather than part of each subject area. Appreciate your feedback. CC

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